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Complete Auto Enrolment & Pension Setup Service & Costs

Business to Business | Automatic Enrolment Pension Setup Service now launched. One off setup charges to suit all employers including Pension selection, Actuarial Certificate & audit trails. Cox & Co. Payroll Solutions Ltd: Auto enroling our clients since 2014. Tel: 0117 9323444 or email

Payroll Services in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire

Our payroll presence goes a long way down, across and up the country – we have clients from the tip of Cornwall to the capital. Our payroll geographical area spirals out from central Bristol through Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and beyond – of course we are always more than happy to improve the payroll service received by organisations in counties far and wide.

Bristol Payroll Services for Charities and businesses

Should quick implementations or a fast bang for your buck suffice when making highly important financial or processing decisions? Is “It does what it says on the tin” good enough when it comes to payroll services for charities and spending pubic or donated money?

Payroll Services in Bath

Bath, a UNESCO world heritage site is known to be notoriously passionate about its approach to ‘buy local’ and supporting indigenous organisations.
Cox & Co. Payroll Solutions Ltd explain how they have managed to break the Bath frontier and sign two prestigeous Bath charities >>