Customer Excellence #IrisWorld2020 – Tracy Jerram explains why customer focus should be at the core of project delivery

Hailed as a huge success by Iris Software Group, Tracy Jerram’s project delivery and implementation of myePayWindow to 10,000 employees in two months didn’t go unnoticed by the payroll industry.

Watch Tracy at Irisworld2020 Video

Tracy Jerram on stage

Tracy was selected from industry leaders across the payroll sector to speak on the Customer Excellence panel IrisWorld2020 in February 2020 about her project and the success it reached with the Cox & Co. client base.

Later in the evening, she then went on to win a double a award at the prestigious IrisAwards2020 for Best Payroll Manager and Best Payroll Initiative.

We are exceptionally proud of Tracy, who has been with the business for nearly 10 years. She has been at the forefront of developing Cox & Co. into the highly successful business it is today.