Holiday Calculation Table

Holiday Calculation TableIf your employees work infrequent days or ad-hoc hours, having the answer to the question “How much holiday do I get a year?” may somewhat catch you off guard.  Whether it’s calculating annual leave for a contract of employment or working out how much holiday an employee has remaining for the year – our Holiday Calculation Table may prove useful on your notice board.

“How much holiday do I get this year” – Using our Holiday Calculation Table



To be clear, when an employee asks; “How much holiday do I get per year?”, they may not be aware that what they are actually doing is accruing paid holiday entitlement at the statutory minimum for every day/hour they work – remember to include in your answer:

“If you work a whole calendar year, you will be entitled to ….”

And, don’t forget that statutory holiday entitlement is 28 days per year and this includes all 8 bank holidays.

An employer must never round a person’s entitlement down, otherwise they will breach statutory minimum holiday entitlement.

An example of holiday entitlement:

Barry works as a cleaner in a pub 3 days per week.  His contracted hours are Monday, Tuesday and Friday  6am – 9am each day. He works 9 hours per week in total.

Barry is entitled to 50.4 hours (9 x 5.6) paid holiday per year assuming he works a whole holiday year to accrue it.

It may be easier for Barry and his employer to convert his holiday entitlement into ‘days’ leave (where a day holiday is considered as 6am – 9am) in which case Barry is entitled to the statutory equivalent of 16.08 days per year.

Of course, many of Barry’s working days will fall on bank holidays throughout the year. These are treated as normal working days and Barry must take holiday to cover any bank holiday taken as leave.   Barry will receive his normal pay for any leave taken as holiday.

Holiday entitlement for part year starts and leaving dates

The minimum statutory holiday entitlement of 28 days is for a whole year of service. Therefore, this figure should be adjusted to reflect an employee’s start date.

If an employee leaves part way through the year and the sum of paid holiday leave taken is greater than what they have accrued, this will create a minus holiday pay adjustment on their final payroll and will be deducted from gross.

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