Online Payroll Services – Portal goes live

Payroll portal goes online

Client Hub and Payroll Service

Last week we welcomed our first clients into the world CHaPS; Cox & Co.’s secure and confidential online payroll service.


So what is CHaPS and what does an online payroll service offer?

Client Hub and Payroll Services (CHaPS) is:-

A client payroll working zone – Providing secure and confidential access to payroll data, payroll calendar, announcements and tasks.

A payroll resource – Providing efficient access to standard documents, links and knowledge base.

A payroll community – Bringing together our clients to share and collaborate, utilising message boards, forums, joint projects, wiki libraries and surveys.

Business Development Manager, Tracy Jerram, explains the service and what it aims to achieve :

CHaPS is a smarter method of communicating and storing payroll data

“Our clients view Cox & Co. as their dedicated payroll team and we partner with each organisation to ensure they are provided with a tailored one-to-one service.  Until now, our clients have relied on email to pass payroll data between ourselves. Email is a great communication tool, but we want our clients to feel confident they are accessing up-to-date data and that ad-hoc reports are stored for easy access, as and when clients require them.    We felt that we could extend Cox & Co.’s responsibility for data accuracy and security beyond our offices and beyond email – so a smarter method of communicating, delivering and storing payroll data had to be found.”

CHaPS is a payroll work zone and community work space

“We are confident our latest ePayroll solution ‘CHaPS’ can achieve these results. Our clients can now log-in to their dedicated work zone and access their payroll data whenever they want and our staff can ensure clients always access the most up-to-date information. As well as having access to FAQs and standard document libraries, every client will benefit from forums and broadcast announcements. This functionality should continue to build and enrich each user’s experience of our services – bringing our clients closer to us and vice versa.”

If you would like to discover more about our payroll services please contact us on 01179 328145.