Are you letting £3,500* per year go up in flames?


fireworkContrary to popular belief, the cost of running an in house payroll provision isn’t free of charge or a necessary expensive overhead.


The costs associated with providing a legally compliant, accurate and efficient payroll provision for your organisation is most definitely costing you actual ££££’s!

If you quickly tot up the costs of recruiting qualified payroll personnel, software purchases and updates, training, payroll stationery, salaries and even the electricity used for the computer, this will soon have you whingeing at the pound hungry but often overlooked corner of your business.

As you know, it’s tough financial times!  Many organisations like you are looking inward at cutting costs and choosing to outsource their payroll to a dedicated payroll provider – one that benefits from economies of scale, can offer discounts  and can help to reduce the overheads of your business all while providing you with a fully managed payroll service.

“Could you put £3,500* per year to better use?”

payroll costs


Of course, choice may not purely be based on cost or particulars of service alone. Organisations may seek advice when selecting the right payroll provider and recommendation from colleagues or B2B references will always carry weight and influence.  Particularly, quality case studies from a payroll provider’s existing clients can help build a picture of the level of customer service you can expect.

Remember the mantra – “Time | Quality | Cost” and  call us to see how we can help reduce payroll costs and make your £££’s go further. contact us on 0117 9328145