Payroll Outsourcing – Top Five Rejections

Payroll Outsourcing - Why not?

Payroll Outsourcing – Why not?


Considering outsourcing your payroll? But unsure?

As payroll specialists we know your worries and listed below are our top five favourite objections.  Enjoy!


A quick catchup

We speak to prospects on a daily basis and this certainly provides us with every opportunity to align our solutions and services to their needs better.  What we cannot change though is individual perception and opinion – particularly the varied reasons why payroll outsourcing is perhaps not their particular cup of tea!

Cox & Co.’s Top 5 Payroll Outsourcing Rejection Statements!

        1. You can’t possibly do all of that work, for that amount of money
        2. I hate doing the payroll but that’s just the way it is.
        3. I don’t have time to talk, i’m too busy doing the payroll.
        4. If I outsourced to you, I would have to fire myself.
        5. I don’t care if your service only cost £10.00 a month – my charity is not interested in saving money!

So there you have it, not a definitive list but comprehensive nonetheless. Of course readers, if you can think of any more – I would be delighted to add them.

Want to save time further consider our 4 step guide to timesheet improvements or print our Payroll Calendars.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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