Payroll Workflow – Streamlining the workload

payroll workflow

Streamline your payroll process

It’s true – the payroll workflow can be shortened!!  But, we hasten to add, not by cutting corners, making rash judgement without seeking professional advice or by poor record keeping.  In fact, all of these aspects of your payroll processing can be vastly improved if its incorporated it into an operational restructure.


So can we ask some questions? Does anyone really like ironing? Or overjoyed doing the filing? No, not really?  So why bog your staff down with routine, periodic and never-ending payroll processes when you can outsource the workload?

It is fair to say that because of the systematic way payroll is processed, the payroll workflow can easily be channeled offsite,  which not only removes the pressure of resource heavy period ends and pay processing dates but can also improve your staff moral by allowing them to be more productive elsewhere or develop their role further.

The diagram included demonstrates the payroll outsourcing workflow and can fit into most operational processes easily.

Payroll workflow

Payroll outsourcing process


Of course, payroll outsourcing doesn’t just cover the basics at pay day and therefore choosing the right payroll provider is imperative to ensure you receive a quality payroll service that fits around your particular organisation. Recommendations are important as well as cost and value added extras for free.

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