SPA Days – Systems, People and Ambition

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Partnering effectively…it’s in our blood.  From optimising communication and data processing to education and training. Yes we continuously monitor, self evaluate and take steps to work in smarter ways.

But, for us to aspire to reach the dizzy heights of platinum customer service provision and remain in the stratosphere of payroll expertise, we need to create space to breathe, cultivate and develop. The result? SPA Business Development Days.

What are SPA Days?

Unfortunately, not as pictured above! But, a day, every month, where we can cease processing and devote time to focus on areas of the business that we wish to develop.

How could SPA Days affect you?

On SPA Days, we will only process scheduled and pre-booked payrolls. All emails and phone messages will be dealt with the following day.

When will  SPA Days take place?

A list of closed dates for the remainder of the year is provided below.

But please don’t worry – all scheduled payrolls will be completed on time in the usual way!

SPA Days 2017