Take Timeout from Timesheets


Want to improve your Timesheet system? – Want to take timeout from your timesheet headache?

Read our quick 4 step guide to improving your employee reporting methods.



Step 1 – Move away from quill and ink

Encourage your employees to use a standardised spread sheet to record their time and expenses. There are many free timesheet templates available on the internet from sites such as MS Office and Google Docs. With a little inspiration these templates can be customised to include your business branding and reporting requirements. Have them emailed to you or saved on your network’s server for ease of access.

Step 2 – Utilise your existing infrastructure

Most businesses have access to the internet, use a network or perhaps have cloud based solutions – all of which lend itself to sharing information in a centralised fashion. Streamline timesheet collection and calculation by utilising remote access, email reminder/action notifications or using solutions such as Sharepoint. You will save time collecting, collating and entering data yourself.

Step 3 – Go third party

Cloud based solutions are a perfect low investment option for small businesses or those with non-site based staff. Time can be logged by phone, web portal or mobile phone app. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Just set up your online account, request your employees log their movements and you collect and report the results. Data can even be exported directly into your payroll software.

Step 4 – All out time and attendance implementation

Do you want to control staff access to areas in your organisation? Log their time and attendance? Have biometric security? Multi-site capability? Project costing and full HR suite? Look no further than a complete time and attendance solution. But do your homework and make sure before investing in £10,000’s you take your time to visit organisations who currently use the system to ensure it’s right for your business.

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