Existing payroll – want to outsource?

You may be looking to cut costs, have concerns over business continuity, inhouse resourcing issues or perhaps your existing provider just isn’t adding value to your business.

As payroll specialists, Cox & Co. can offer your organisation a cost effective, efficient and legally compliant solution and will ensure your migration to us is seamless and stress free.


Moving payroll bureaus - outsourcing steps

Changing providers is very straightforward, most payroll transfers have been achieved in less than a month – sometimes weeks.

We handle all transfer of information, data input, data checking and report writing as part of our transfer process. Our clients are not required to compile or chase any information.

When changing provider, we always offer our clients a parallel run for a specified period – just to give peace of mind that everything is in order before they totally handover.

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Inhouse payroll – outsourcing steps

If you currently run your payroll inhouse – outsourcing can remove the cost and time restrictions this places on your business.

In order to move your payroll provision to us, we will ask for you to compile specific information regarding your existing payroll cycle and employee details. If you are unsure where to find this information we are more than happy to come to your premises and help you do this as part of our transition process.

We will then model our systems to reflect your existing business processes. Part of the initial implementation will be to ensure you are happy with the payroll cycle, staff paydates and how the information will pass from you to us and visa versa. Any concerns you have will be answered by our staff - You are then free to run your business without your payroll running you. See how it works

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Your accountant runs your payroll – outsourcing steps

We look to develop strong relationships with all our client’s accountants because in essence we ensure our clients payroll is fully managed which reduces your accountant’s workload - thus saving you money.

Cox & Co. has a great relationship with many accountants and bookkeepers in the Bristol area who choose to outsource their client’s payroll to us because we are specialists in this particular field and they consider it a decision well made.

Should you choose to outsource your payroll to Cox & Co, we will work closely with your accountant during the transfer and set-up stage to ensure your total finance service is seamless, optimised and continually evolves. See how it works

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Want to Outsource? Information we will require from you or your existing provider


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