How average is your income?

LoadsamoneySomeone once told me never move jobs for less than £2,000 per year increase.

Now admittedly, this was 20 years ago when a £1,000 per year increase equated to roughly £50 per month in your pocket.  Therefore, at the time £100 per month certainly seemed worth moving companies for and of course was tied in with a promotion of some sort – what more could you ask for?


Whatever your drive is to earn more, perhaps you should first consider that the average salary in Bristol is £26,950 pa – so are you setting your sights too high?

Where does your salary sit?

We have taken 1000 employees from across Bristol and surrounding areas and looked at average earnings.  It was interesting to see that 32% of employees earn between £20,000 and £29,999, followed shortly behind by the £10,000 to £19,000 bracket. What does this tell us? Well, basically if you are hoping to hit it big as an employee and attract a large salary you may be disappointed because only 3% of employees earn between £50,000 & £59,999 and this percentage drops further the higher the income bracket.

Does this data make you depressed or happy?  Perhaps you are content with your salary and have a great work-life balance or maybe you are hungry for more? Whatever your dreams,  it is worth considering how likely it is that you will ever be a top earner – or even if your current profession has that price tag associated with it.

Are you a top earner?  Check out our graph “How well paid are you?” : Average earnings graph

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