Payroll News: Winter 2014 Update

Winter payrollWelcome aboard!

Traditionally our sales pipeline during winter is a quiet time for us. Organisations find themselves ramp up for the Xmas break with a sense of urgency and payroll provision may be at the front of their minds for bonus payments and early pay cycles – but changing providers is a far off thought.


Having said that, we can’t wait to sample the delights at one of our newest clients, Gordon’s Bistro, Caribbean Restaurant, Bristol or tread the boards at Chauncey’s Timber Flooring, Bristol.  But, fingers crossed we have some amazing organisations that should be joining us in the new financial year – so watch this space!

Feedback! And boy what feedback it was!

Well, what can we say but a huge “Thank you” to all of our clients who sent us their views  in our “3 wise words” campaign at Christmas.  Our offices were stacked high with tins of Quality Street and a production line at the post office ensued!  We hope everyone who took part received their reward safely and it made for a bit of light relief from the normally dry subject of “Payroll”.

And the results?  We know that customer service is king!  So check out how we make our clients feel.

AUTO EN’joy’MENT – It’s here and it’s staying we’re afraid!

As a business we started work on auto enrolment last summer when a handful of our clients chose to bring their staging date forward.  Since then, we have been in hot discussions with IFA’s, pension providers, payroll software developers, employee benefit partnerships and NEST themselves to make sure that we are constantly kept up to date and ready for each of our clients.

On the whole, we believe we are one of the few payroll providers in the market that has the flexibility to approach each client in a bespoke manner, unique to them.  To date, we have produced a wealth of topical information, blogs and questionnaires.  Most importantly we have defined Cox & Co’s role for our clients and how we can support them with their Work Based Pension projects .  Our guide Auto Enrolment – your payroll provider’s role sets out our duties and how we will support our clients.  For further auto enrolment help see our blog pages.

CHaPs – ePayroll for ALL

In January 2014 we started the official roll-out of CHaPS (Client Hub and Payroll Service) as the next stage in our ePayroll provision.  So far 30% of our clients are now regularly accessing their payroll information in a secure and efficient manner via their own unique portal and login.   To discover more about CHaPS read Welcome to CHaPS – it’s coming to you soon!

Valentine – Love your Payslip

If you feel you missed out on Valentines Day this year, then why not “love your payslip” with our origami payslip project.  We would love to receive images or your creation, so why not tweet us your pictures @coxpayroll or email

Print the instructions here

Origami payslip heart instructions

Origami Heart Instructions

Payslip template here



So let’s all look forward to a successful 2014 Year End and a great start to the 2014 – 2015 tax year – because we are!


Business Development Manager