Work Based Pensions – Hang around at the NEST bottleneck?!?

Bottleneck lounge bar signGot time on your hands? Because the Government’s Work Based Pensions scheme NEST predicts that data files for 50+ employees will take two hours to upload. If you have 1000+ records then say goodbye to 24 hours.  




Adding to this processing bottleneck will be the myriad of acceptance, error and exception reports delivered to your email inbox.   What’s more, all issues must be resolved in NEST’s online system before your contribution payment due date.  Yes, your payroll staff could well start living at the office!

Perhaps now is the time to think about removing the Work Based Pension problem from your organisation and consider outsourcing to a dedicated payroll center?

So why not complete our Work Based Pension Questionnaire and we’ll contact you to discuss how we can help.  Alternatively email us or speak to Steve Cox on 0117 9328145.