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FREE Payroll Workshops in Bristol

Our small payroll workshops in Bristol are informative, engaging and FREE plus great coffee and cake! Book now and get up to speed with GDPR | Parental Rights | Holiday Calculations and much more. Workshops are held in Warmley, Bristol with free parking too. Call 0117 9323444 for more information.

Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP): 5 entitlement tips!

As your friends and relatives will tell you: “There is no right time to have a baby”. But what if there was?

Planning your conception date may sound a bit severe, but it could have some healthy financial benefits! So here are 5 ideas to bear in mind before you decide to expand… Read on…

Holiday Calculation Table

If your employees work infrequent days or ad-hoc hours, having the answer to the question “How much holiday do I get a year” may somewhat catch you off guard. Whether it’s calculating annual leave for a contract of employment or working out how much holiday an employee has remaining for the year – our Holiday Calculation Table may prove useful on the notice board.

An employee in ‘self-employed’ clothing: Are you breaking the law?

Whether you are hiding your employer status to save money and remove the shackles of employer responsibility or as a worker you are attempting to lower your tax burden – it’s important for both employer and worker to understand the differences in relationship between self-employed and employee.

Holiday pay on overtime

The result of 3 Employment Appeals Tribunals (EAT) regarding holiday pay on overtime has cast doubt over holiday calculations for employers who require staff to work overtime.

If you are contracted to work overtime or commission is used to make up your salary – better check the new ruling here or call 0117 9328145.