Charity Payroll – Choosing the right provider

Charities look to save money without compromising service

The most significant difference between a third and private sector organisation’s ethos is the charity’s purpose of existence – a fusion of ’cause’ and each employee’s or volunteer’s sense of altruism towards that cause.

We understand that for charities and not for profit organisations service continuity, delivery of excellence and your staffs passion for your cause is absolutely paramount – we see it everyday in the world of payroll.  A colourful mix of sporadic hours, short term contracts, volunteer expenses and adhoc or cyclical fundraising events all being worked to meet each charity’s aims and objectives.

Many charities are experiencing depleting revenue streams or struggling to deliver their services and entering bidding wars alondside private companies. They are increasingly looking at ways to cut costs and improve internal operational activities to give them the competitive edge amongst their competitors.

We are finding that in these difficult financial times, charities, not for profit, social enterprises or community interest groups are increasingly looking to save money without compromising service delivery or losing vital resources.

One area often overlooked for improvement is the payroll department and payroll processing/reporting inparticular with many charities now turning to the payroll outsourcing market to deliver a low risk, cost effective and compliant payroll service.  However, they objectively demand a payroll provider that has experience in their sector and will understand their unique needs.

Trust in Charity Payroll Experts

Looking for a charity payroll expert can be a daunting process.  Part of your selection process should include gathering and checking references as well as ensuring your chosen charity payroll specialist has commendable experience in the following:

  • Trusts and Committee management structures
  • Charity trading subsidiaries (shops, cafes, galleries etc)
  • Charity payroll consultancy
  • Grant and funding cost allocation analysis
  • Analysis and reporting for auditors
  • Event and exhibition payrolls
  • Multi-site payrolls
  • Seasonal payrolls
  • Temporary contract or commission based fundraisers
  • Outreach workers

Reassurance from references

At the heart of a good outsourcing experience is trust in your provider, confidence in the people you are dealing with and reassurance that you are receiving the best payroll solution possible.

In a world where it’s so easy to employ a great marketing expert or SEO guru – B2B references are so important.  Here at Cox & Co. we are proud to have built many long and successful partnerships with our charity clients who are more than happy to share their payroll story with others – including ss Great Britain, Watershed, National Osteoporosis Society, British Small Animal Veterinary Association to name a few.

For further information about the services we provide, please visit our payroll services page or to discover how we helped many charities improve their payroll provision, please visit our case studies page.

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