Tracy Jerram announced as a founding member of the Payroll Bureau Association

Tracy Jerram Founding Member of the PBA
Tracy Jerram – Commercial Director

We are delighted to announce that Tracy Jerram, Commercial Director at Cox & Co. Payroll Solutions Ltd, is named a founding member of the newly formed Payroll Bureau Association which launched last week (11th May 2020).

One of only 11 founding members from across the country, Tracy connected with fellow payroll bureau professionals in March to share experiences who as a result, identified they had two things in common: a passion for the payroll sector and a desire to change the support structure in which they operate. Those who attended the initial meeting concluded that a lack of awareness was felt across the payroll community surrounding the challenges experienced by bureau professionals, which had resulted in an underrepresentation of their needs in regards to education, software and training.

In the following weeks, discussions progressed via phone calls and virtual meetings in light of COVID-19 to find a solution to resolve these issues and after endless hours of work, the Payroll Bureau Association (PBA) was born. The overall objectives of the PBA are to provide an opportunity for bureau professionals across the UK to unite, have access to sector specific support and create a forum or platform to drive change through the industry.

Tracy commented, “In recent months, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the sudden launch of the government’s Job Retention Scheme the payroll sector has been under huge pressure to respond and implement technical processes with very little industry or government support. This really placed a spotlight on the payroll bureau sector and highlighted the lack of awareness and consideration for a key economic activity – payroll and pensions. As a result, myself and my co-founders felt that now would be the perfect time to launch the Payroll Bureau Association, in order to reach out to other payroll professionals from across the UK looking for additional support.

“I am really proud be part of the founding group for this unique and eagerly awaited platform, which I hope will help to raise awareness of the importance of payroll in the economy – it’s the glue which holds tax, National Insurance and Pensions together – something I feel very passionate about. I would urge all payroll professionals to take a look at the work we’re doing and consider being part of this new initiative which aims to shape the future of our industry.”

To find out more or enquire about getting involved, please email or join the Payroll Bureau Association group on LinkedIn. Alternatively, please feel free to contact Tracy Jerram: