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We are all too aware that ‘online’, ‘offshore’ and ‘D.I.Y’ may tick the boxes for many folk when it comes to business solutions.  Many of us do indeed like the thought that we are receiving great value for money, it’s easy and it works…

But what if you work for the type of organisation where your revenue is in effect public money – money that should be spent on ethical causes and reinvested for the good of the community or your end users?  Should quick implementations or a fast bang for your buck suffice when making highly important financial or processing decisions?  Is “It does what it says on the tin” good enough when it comes to payroll services for charities?

Cox & Co. is a Bristol based payroll provider and charity payroll specialist.  

Cox & Co. is payroll partner to some of Bristol’s leading and iconic charities such as ss Great Britain, Brunel’s great ocean liner, Watershed, Bristol’s creativity and digital arts centre and The Bristol Music Trust (Colston Hall) to name a few.  Our very close relationship with these institutions affords us the understanding of the delicate mix between business streamlining and protection of a charity’s identify and culture.

Outsourcing an organisation’s payroll to a third party can be a very daunting and worrying decision to make for the individuals who are ultimately held responsible.  It can take months to seek board approval, carry out due diligence assessments and seek references from similar organisations or colleagues in the third sector network.  Of course, we understand that all of these steps help to alleviate the employer’s concern that they had the charity’s best interest at heart and enough people upheld the decision to make the change.

“How can a charity payroll provider develop and improve your charity’s payroll going forward?”

Payroll Streamlining is the first area that we improve for our clients.  As charity payroll experts, we understand that legacy systems and changes in key personnel over the years can greatly impact on the efficiency of data collation, processing and reporting.  Old systems, unnecessary collation, over analysis and duplication can all impact on time, effectiveness and in many cases can lead to incorrect payments, deductions and errors in pension calculations… Read how we helped the Bristol charity Watershed improve its streamlining and reporting effectiveness here >> Watershed Case Study

Payroll Reporting again is an area that we are particularly strong in.  Auditors and funding bodies require data collated in very specific ways.  It is imperative for us to develop bespoke reports for each client providing information that is exactly what the charity requires.  This can include but not limited to cross departmental pay reporting, project statutory payment analysis and help with funding applications.   All reports and accounting journals are designed to display exactly what each client wishes to see fast and where necessary provided in csv/spreadsheet format too.  To read how we help charities improve the way they view their payroll data read >> The British Small Animal Veterinary Association Case Study

Payroll EfficiencyWe champion that payroll outsourcing should remove the bottlenecks from the payroll process.  We often find that when a charity chooses to outsource their payroll this often gives them the spring board to instill more rigidity around certain internal processes for example; timesheet deadline submission, pay period close and refusal of late submissions. This efficiency drive can have a vast improvement on staff moral, departmental effectiveness and can help nuture a ‘can-do’ positive attitude towards organisational change.  The ss Great Britain, Bristol upholds that it improved the moral of their staff >> ss Great Britain Case Study

CHaPS Mobile screen shotsImplementing and benefiting from new payroll services is an easy step to make when choosing to outsourcing your payroll.

ePayroll services such as ePayslips and secure access to all your payroll information, reports and contract documentation on a bespoke payroll portal (CHaPS) and your mobile/tablet is part of our fully managed payroll service.  These facilities allow charities to make a positive leap forward in processing and distribution within weeks of payroll transfer. For further information read >> The National Osteoporosis Society: Implementing ePayslips the right way

Charity identity through your payroll is at the forefront of everything we do.   The individuals we work close with in each charity have their own likes and dislikes and not only do we cater for this we are also committed to protect the culture and essence of each charity as a whole. We understand that no two organisations are the same.

That is why we offer customised payslipsPayslips incorporating your charity’s logo, branding and colours.  Matching your payslips to that of your organisation’s identity is a small token, and yet, it can have a far reaching impact and can positively nurture a sense of belonging among your employees.  For more information regarding the role of a payslip read >> Cultural biography of a paper payslip

Cox & Co are specialists in payroll services for charities in Bristol and the surrounding areas.  We are proud partners to a range of very discerning clientele include Perennial Gardeners’ Royal Benevolent society, London, The American Museum in Britain and United Bible Societies UK Hub to name a few.


If you feel that outsourcing your payroll to a Bristol charity payroll specialist is worth a discussion, please do give us a call on 0117 9328145.


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